03 March 2015

Gallipoli Games Torches to Depart on March 18

The Gallipoli Games international torch relay will commence on March 18, as the flames embark on their journeys from the seven participating countries.

The torches will depart from Istanbul, Sydney, Wellington, Berlin, London, Paris and New Delhi on 18 March – the date when the Dardanelles campaign begun 100 years ago – and will arrive in Çanakkale on 24 April.

The torches will be met by the Games’ athletes, who will be participating in the inaugural competition, under the motto: “On the land their ancestors sacrificed their lives 100 years ago, they are now competing for peace.”

They will then be passed on to the leaders of the participating countries, who will then light the main cauldron to officiallydeclare the Games open.

This not-to-be-missed event will be broadcast live on television.